5G Roaming

The 5G Revolution

The 5G promise is revolutionary – faster data speeds, increased reliability, ultra-low latency and more. These networks will supercharge the IoT opportunity and pave the way for the “IoT World” to become reality.


Roaming in a 5G/IoT connected world

5G enables augmented reality, autonomous cars, and smart cities. Even smart clothes will be found everywhere in the very near future.  5G-compatible devices are already on the market and early adopters are deploying.  Now is the time for Service Providers to take the lead and start planning 5G roaming agreements and determining 5G-IPN steering policies.


Non-5G operators can take advantage now

Non-5G CSPs can offer their subscribers 5G services when roaming in a respective coverage area today.  Give your customers with 5G-compatible devices a real 5G experience when roaming. Customers in return will consume a lot more data when roaming – a clear win-win for all. TOMIA’s 5G-IPN will provide mobile operators the ability to manage and steer 5G devices to any desirable network which is 5G-NSA-supported, as well as the ability to segment them.

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