Business Exchange Service (iXLink)

TOMIA’s iXLink platform is the de facto industry standard for B2B interactions among operators.

Only Online Community Enabling Inter-operator Exchange

TOMIA’s iXLink is the only online community bringing together over 4,000 telecom operators, MNOs, CSPs and carriers from more than 200 countries. iXLink provides a secure, reliable, cloud-native collaboration platform enabling communication among partners seeking to quickly access and share critical business information, negotiate deals, and enable efficiency.

Automate and Standardized Solutions for Most Complex Business Needs

iXLink automates and standardizes the exchange of critical telecommunications business information and facilitates the buying and selling of voice, SMS and data among carriers enabling better management of the complexities of your entire business with a complete set of online tools.

As an iXLink member, operators gain access to a global business communications tool utilized from the smallest to largest and most complex business needs. iXLink enables collaboration, faster reconciliation and more efficient dispute resolution – resulting in quicker order to cash.

Key Benefits



iXLink members enjoy superior reliability and accuracy when receiving and exchanging business communications such as pricelists, non-standard rates and dial codes, and document discrepancies.



TOMIA enables operators of all sizes to execute their unique business strategies to generate revenue, save cost, and deliver customer value



TOMIA’s cloud-native collaboration platform enables communication among partners seeking to quickly access and share critical business information, and negotiate deals, supporting today’s and future business models.



Manage the added challenges brought on by today’s complex business environment with automation. TOMIA provides end-to-end automation so carriers have the agility to reduce costs, improve efficiencies, and decrease time-to-revenue.



iXLink’s proven platform has the power to provide the speed and scalability to address upcoming global business connectivity challenges by connecting with partners, automating repeated processes and eliminating human error.



iXLink keeps ahead of the latest trends, as a SaaS solution that offers what no other software vendor in our space can–a 4,000+ strong carrier community, and the tools to help carriers keep in step with today’s dynamic communications marketplace.

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