Campaign Management

Sparx is a contextual interactive marketing and relations management campaign service that delivers personalized messaging for targeted roamers at the desired time.


TOMIA’s Sparx is the complete answer to mobile operators’ need for an advanced sophisticated campaign management tool that enables them to meet regulatory requirements, improve roaming revenues and strengthen customer satisfaction.

The Sparx solution meets MNOs’ competitive pressure, takes into account revenue/cost considerations, while giving their roamers valuable information when it is relevant. Sparx ensures that the messages are appreciated by subscribers and not experienced as irritating nuisances.

Personalized Customized Campaigns

The main aim of Sparx is to send a personalized message to the targeted roamer at the desired time.

Sparx is based on the segmentation of roaming subscribers by using the operator’s knowledge of its subscribers.

The essence of Sparx is the creation and successful delivery of personalized and focused campaigns to a targeted subscriber base.

Sparx uses Roamer Analysis including dynamic and static data-driven from the service provider data and roaming history to Configure Campaigns according to different thresholds for Voice, SMS or data usage.

Simulation enables the operator’s marketing team to test the message logic and definitions before launching a campaign.

Sparx’s advanced reporting after campaign delivery provides advanced data-driven intelligence and business analytics capabilities.

Key Benefits


Sparx Contextual Analysis

The system maintains the users’ various attributes including static attributes (Roaming offers, Age, Gender, Handset Type etc.) and Dynamic attributes (Usage attributes, Locations, Historical data etc.).



Versatile solution provides operators with various implementation options (on-premise, Virtual, NFV and Cloud) including the possibility of adding additional modules in the future.



Sparx Insights provides both real-time dashboards and off-line reports, providing users with meaningful data and advanced monitoring capabilities.


Mega Events

Online interface with user-managed agreement module, report generation, reconciliation analysis and dispute management.

Provides users with total visibility of transactions and settlement activities.


Network Agnostic

Supports all outbound and inbound campaigns in a multi-network environment (including LTE).


Market Proven Solution

More than 100 successful deployments including 15+ Tier 1 operators

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Steering of Roaming

Optimize roaming costs with optimal steering of outbound roaming subscribers to preferred networks.



Helps operators to increase revenues from visitors on their network and reduce associated costs.


Virtual Home Environment

Enables roaming subscribers to complete calls and ensure that they benefit from the best user experience.

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