Deal Analytics

TOMIA’s Deal Analytics service enables mobile operators and groups to forecast, simulate and negotiate optimal Inter-Operator Tariffs (IOT) discount agreements with their roaming partners.

Automated Calculations with Instant Results

Built around the IOT discount agreement life cycle, the service provides a simple yet efficient workflow management to users.

Deal Analytics includes a robust and comprehensive automated forecasting process along with the flexibility for the user to adjust the forecast. The forecast is a very important aspect of the service as it saves time and resources involved in manual calculations. Forecast traffic is refreshed daily or on-demand by the user.

Simulating discount agreements alternatives to easily check financial results facilitates negotiation and budgeting planning. Following deal approval, users can track their performance against actual traffic.

Alerts with Meaningful Information

The service user can subscribe to alerts to monitor commitments against forecasted traffic for the deal period. Different notification types like commitment shortfalls, achievement or over achievement based on severity are available. Users can also be reminded of deal life cycle changes, e.g. when a deal is over or there is a notice deadline. Deal Analytics includes powerful business analytics capabilities that meet all of our customers’ different business needs. Each of the business areas can find and adapt the information that they are need. The user has the flexibility to create and modify report layouts by easily dragging and dropping the appropriate info on rows, columns or headers, as well define his/her own custom metrics. This business analytics approach grants a high level of autonomy and flexibility to operators.

Key Benefits


CDR file processing and traffic

CDR level information enables higher accuracy and better drill-down report capabilities. This also enables proper traffic segmentation for IoT/M2M devices, avoiding any double charging.


IMSI based charging models

Commonly used for IoT/M2M devices that are characterized by consuming low data usage and relatively low revenues. These discount agreements allow a more sustainable business model.


Steering Recommendations

Integrating Deal Analytics with IPN, TOMIA’s Steering of Roaming service, allows optimal traffic distribution in countries targeting wholesale cost savings. It enables a proactive approach by tracking variancesin commitment achievements, individual or group based on forecast data.


Fast flow settlement

When Deal Analytics is combined with TOMIA’s Financial Clearing and Settlement service, the “fast-flow” process allows instant settlement when a discount agreement
is completed. This decreases exposure to liability or provisions for bad debts.


Budgeting planning and “what if” scenarios

Deal Analytics is built around the ability to simulate, plan and track discount agreements. Through convenient interface, users can assess and build multiple scenarios online by easily changing deal parameters, steering and forecast volumes, and track results.


Managing discount IOT rates on TAP

Accurately managing the right tariffs on TAP files avoids overcharges or cash-out for the company. The centralized service allows tracking discount agreements and discount IOTs, and especially improves time to market on the implementation towards TOMIA’s Data Clearing.

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