The IoT opportunity: Discover and monetize IoT devices roaming on your network with TOMIA’s advanced AI algorithms

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The IoT market & challenges

With billions of smart connected devices expected to be deployed worldwide, the opportunity for operators to generate new revenue streams from innovative digital services has never been greater.

To realize the potential and develop this profitable business, operators will need to overcome a few challenges.

Getting started

The first step towards monetization of IoT and M2M devices requires the ability to detect these devices in the network.

Upon detection, operators will need to negotiate the right discount agreements with their roaming partners and have the proper, segmented, and device-based rating and settlement procedures in place.

Detection through AI

TOMIA’s IoT detection modules detect permanent-roaming IoT devices on networks. We use advanced device-based algorithms, leveraging presence discovery and embedded Artificial Intelligence to enable operators to gain visibility and insights on their roaming traffic patterns.

The solution helps operators to optimize the service levels and business models for the IoT devices roaming on their networks.

IoT smart steering

Operators will also need to identify roaming NB-IoT devices in real-time while optimizing steering rules to ensure the quality of service without impacting margins.

They will need to redirect NB-IoT devices to the supported or desired NB-IoT network and distinguish between consumer and these devices’ behavior.

TOMIA’s steering tool helps global operators turn the NB-IoT roaming challenge into a business opportunity while ensuring seamless connectivity.

With our unmatched real-time access to network data, we provide operators with the much-needed transparency, visibility, and steering actions to ensure optimization of the wholesale agreements and KPI’s.

IoT settlement & charging

Helping operators to identify IoT permanent roaming devices will allow them to negotiate the appropriate service levels and pricing and therefore enable them to optimize monetization of IoT based services and to maximize the IoT revenue and profitability.

Automation brings negotiation via TOMIA’s Deal Analytics service together with our Steering of Roaming solutions. These are seamlessly integrated with billing and settlement services, allowing easy Settlement of IoT agreements, supporting complex charging models, including presence-based charging and Intelligent segmentation.

Settlement is driven primarily by new business opportunities, differentiated charging principles, and technology like NB-IoT, M2M, and 5G.

Detect – Execute – Monetize

IoT detection is key for operators to identify the IoT devices on their network as well as their devices on the roaming partner’s network.

NB-IoT devices steering optimization is essential to ensure the quality of service without impacting margins.

Detection is the foundation for better negotiations of IoT specific deals to maximize revenue and profitability and materialize the enormous potential of the IoT / M2M business.

TOMIA’s solution helps you automate, simulate, track, and forecast to ensure that your deals are always up to date.