Financial Clearing & Settlement

TOMIA’s Financial Clearing and Settlement service provides mobile operators with an efficient and reliable wholesale settlement process.

Online Selfcare Portal

Advanced Clearing Engine

Key Benefits


Full Control

The online interface assures users the ability to follow, monitor and control the clearing and settlement process on a continuous basis and access the relevant reports via a clear, professional and user-friendly web interface.



The online interface provides a clear and actionable view of each stage of the clearing and settlement process, including easy approval or rejection of invoices, credits/debits notes, and approval or withholding of payments.


Transparency and Tracking

The service guarantees transparency for all transactions, including the Foreign Exchange (FX) rates applied by the bank. Logging and reporting of the discrepancies and deviations are part of the settlement process.


Advanced Analytics

Different levels of information are available to serve operational and business needs. Settlement info is combined with other datasets like Deal Analytics’ accruals report to provide accurate budget tracking.


Fast-Flow Settlement

Combined with the Deal Analytics service, the “fast-flow” process allows instant settlement when an IOT discount agreement is completed. This decreases exposure to liability or provisions for bad debts.



TOMIA is at the forefront of the evolution of the billing processes and charging models, incorporating the new Billing and Charging Evolution (BCE) settlement and Blockchain technology into the context of financial clearing.

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