Fraud Prevention & Detection (iXDetect)

TOMIA’s iXDetect platform protects MNOs and CSPs from Telecom Fraud.

Enabling CSPs to prevent revenue leakage and combat fraud.

Full Suite of Anti-Fraud Management Solutions.

Key Benefits


Market-leading Insight

TOMIA’s iXDetect platform successfully enables operators to understand the nature of threats to their network in order to protect their subscribers and assets. Combining heuristic- analysis and AI / ML methodologies, iXDetect enables operators to understand the complex nature of the telecom ecosystem and identify the origin of threats and take action.


Fraud Management System (FMS)

iXDetect is a full-function FMS enabling operator users to successfully navigate the complexities of today’s telecom threats and protect against revenue loss. Whether threats come from fixed, mobile, roaming, or VoIP technologies, iXDetect provides a critical tool for defeating fraud wherever it originates.


Threat Protection

iXDetect protects Telecom operators against a wide variety of threat vectors, including PBX Hacking, Wangiri / Call back, Abuse – A-number, B-number, A-B numbers, International Revenue Share Fraud (IRSF), False Answer Supervision and Robocalls


Single, Integrated Platform

iXDetect integrates with TOMIA’s market-leading iXTools voice and messaging management platform providing the full transparency required to succeed in today’s complex environments



When fraudsters attack your network, you need quick action to stop the attack and protect against revenue loss. TOMIA’s iXDetect platform directly integrates with your network assets to stop the attack and protect the network from further loss.



iXDetect is deployable in whatever model best matches the needs of CSP businesses. Whether that model involves public clouds, private clouds, or other environments, iXDetect is globally available and extensible to the most complex business needs.

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Real-time Anti-fraud

Prevents fraud in real-time both domestically and in roaming to minimize financial risk and reputational damage.

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