Gateway Location Register (GLR)

TOMIA’s GLR controls inbound roaming traffic to help visited network operators increase roaming revenues from visitors on their network and reduce associated costs.

The complete signalling interworking and inbound roaming solution

GLR is a gateway between the Visited and Home Networks, which may be used to optimize the network registration process and handle the subscriber profile data across network boundaries. Once a subscriber registers to an operator’s network, TOMIA’S GLR starts to optimize the signaling traffic and keep the active subscriber in the visited operator’s network. Signalling optimization is becoming increasingly important as IoT traffic rises.

Thanks to the unique architecture, many customized proxy solutions can be implemented to overcome compatibility issues between the home and visited networks.

The leading Signalling Solutions vendor

TOMIA’s GLR is globally deployed providing unique signalling interworking and analytics solution.

The solution also offers mobile network operators additional valuable related services:

Cell Leakage Identifier – provides customers with the ability to identify the location from where their inbound roamers are leaving the network and to which competing networks in the country. This information is valuable input for the radio network planning process.

Fraud SMS detection & Prevention mechanism to filter SPAM messages sent by 3rd party applications altering the SMSC address.

Key Benefits


Retains registered inbound active subscribers

Decreases the leakage of existing registered and active subscribers to competitor VPMNs. Helps operators to increase their market share in the inbound market from all HPMNs.


Inbound Signalling Optimization

Gives the Operator the ability to control potential unnecessary signalling. Identifies visitors whose previous registration attempts were rejected. Subsequent registration attempts can then be blocked.


Unique combination of Signalling and Clearing sources

Analyses roaming partner’s value based on: Usage, Real ARPU – Revenue Based, Silent visitorsץ Improve the operator’s position when re-negotiating based on roaming partner revenue and assists with decision making.

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