IoT Roaming

Monetizing IoT roaming

Billions of smart devices are in connected homes, cars, offices, factories, cities, and just about anywhere.  The opportunity to generate new revenue streams from innovative digital services has never been greater.

The Narrow Band IoT perspective (NB-IoT)

How are wireless networks going to support such a tremendous volume of connected devices? The NB-IoT opportunity requires us to shift our thinking and collaborate with network technology experts and solution innovators to overcome the challenges posed by such massive mobile connectivity.
NB- IoT roaming presents additional challenges.
The key to overcoming these challenges is the ability to gain access to and analyze networks in real-time, to be able to uncover critical information such as whether the roaming device is an NB-IoT device and whether there are NB-IoT networks available in the area.

TOMIA is helping global operators to turn the NB-IoT roaming challenge into a business opportunity while ensuring NB-IoT connectivity.


Real-Time analysis and action

To successfully manage and monetize the NB-IoT connections, real-time analysis and automated actions are essential. Service providers must be able to:

• Discover all NB-IoT networks in the area
• Determine whether a roaming device is an NB-IoT device
• Pinpoint the device location
• Confirm the device’s IMEI number
• Optimize routing options for every connection

TOMIA helps global operators transform their NB-IoT roaming challenge into a business opportunity while ensuring connectivity.