Real-Time Anti-Fraud (RAF)

Prevent fraud in real-time both domestically and in roaming to minimize financial risk and reputational damage.

Prevents fraud in real-time

RAF acts as a multi-protocol firewall to prevent and detect telecom fraud attacks in real-time.

With more than 20 years of experience and deep understanding of SS7 and various signaling protocols, TOMIA protects communication service providers from telecom fraud via a real-time solution. Voice calls are controlled while they occur and are managed with a dedicated anti-fraud system while using flexible, adjustable rules and blocking policies that take into account information such as subscription parameters, enterprise account information, origin and destination of the calls, fraud intelligence and more.


  • Real time signaling-based protection
  • Multi-protocol call control (SIP/CAMEL/INAP)
  • Smart blocking and unblocking actions
  • Dedicated solution for Wangiri (one-ring call back) fraud
  • Subscriber profile modification to reduce exposure to roaming fraud
  • Advanced handling of simultaneous/multi-party calling
  • Integration with 3rd party systems such as FMS or CRM

Key Benefits


Flexible deployment

RAF can be deployed on-premise or delivered as a hosted service to help drive more operational efficiencies and to improve business agility and to shorten the installation process.


Complete roaming fraud solution

RAF reduces the exposure to roaming fraud, both inbound and outbound, thanks to the support of MAP, CAMEL and SIP protocols and provides a solution for the VoLTE roaming challenges.


Smart Call Control

Blocking based on calling, called numbers and ranges of numbers are supported, together with configurable and automated unblocking actions.


Stop Wangiri attacks

In a Wangiri fraud attack, the fraudsters dial and hang up before the subscriber answers. Subscribers call back International Premium Rate Numbers (IPRN) thus creating reputational and customer service damage. RAF blocks the incoming Wangiri calls and the associated outgoing calls in real-time.


Multiple Integrations

Integration of subscriber information, numbering plan and interfaces with third party systems such as: FMS and CRM are supported by the system. The integration of subscriber information allows blocking and unblocking decisions based on the subscriber or enterprise information.


Protection against IRSF

International Revenue Share Fraud is the top fraud type in terms of revenue loss globally. RAF blocks IRSF calls immediately as the attack occurs contrary to systems based on CDR (call detailed records).

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