Recent surveys show that CSPs believe strongly in virtualization and recognize the significance of NFV for the success of their business. With TOMIA’s platform, mobile operators can leverage our experience in order to virtualize their roaming VAS solutions quickly and in a flexible way with any of the variety of virtualization options in the market. We built the platform in a way that allows operators to gradually adapt their roaming VAS into a virtual infrastructure. It supports the range from static Virtual Machines to NFV infrastructure, by adding the relevant platform elements (e.g. EMS, VNFM) and technologies (e.g. VoLTE, RCS, 5G) based on the pace of evolution of their network. TOMIA’s first in the industry NFV-native platform of value-added network services was recently deployed in a Tier 1 operator group. Deployed services included Virtual Steering of Roaming, Campaign Management, and Call Correction services. It utilizes TOMIA’s Virtual Probe and is managed and monitored through an advanced Element Manager and sophisticated VNF-Manager.

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