TOMIA’s SmartFMS service provides a full fraud management suite for mobile operators that mitigates fraud risk in roaming while still allowing legitimate traffic.

Preventing Roaming Fraud in Near Real-time

Roaming fraud is particularly dangerous to mobile operators, as these losses can increase rapidly, especially in a dynamic environment where new methods are suddenly employed. On the other hand, putting in place very strict protection rules may also prevent revenues from legitimate events. Balancing the decisions and actions taken to mitigate fraud with customer experience is essential for every business.

SmartFMS provides a comprehensive set of fraud detection methods based on the processing of roaming call records aiming to detect fraud when it occurs, in near real-time. The service can cover various fraud types such as International Revenue Share Fraud (IRSF) or arbitrage, where fraudsters game the differences in prices.

User Interface with Case Management

Contrary to the high usage reporting process based on a daily monetary threshold, SmartFMS alerts about suspected fraud much faster using advanced rules and analytics to identify fraudulent behavior.

Multiple traffic parameters can be combined into rules to generate alarms, which are assigned to cases, and notifications sent via email.

The Case Management module provides a structured view to evaluate all fraudulent traffic flagged by SmartFMS. Users manage the status of the cases created until their closure. The workflow process automatically closes cases in case of no user activity.

The online interface also provides a CDR viewer that helps users to search specific traffic events, optimize rules, and cross-reference against fraud results in the Case Management module. Both cases and CDRs can be exported.

Key Benefits


Protection against IRSF

Prevents losses due to IRSF, still the most damaging fraud type in roaming traffic.


Smart Fraud Prevention

Incorporates a rules-based engine that can analyze the traffic in multiple dimensions and spot the fraudulent traffic.


Improved efficiency

Reduces operational costs and overhead relating to fraud activities through workflow-based case management and a notifications engine.


Improved visibility

Email alerts, case management and quick access to alarms and call records.


Integrated with Clearing

Seamless and rapid deployment of the SmartFMS solution on top of the NRTRDE process.


Identify Unknown Fraud

Find unusual behavior, not identified when using traditional fraud detection rules, through the anomaly detection features.

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