Steering of Roaming

TOMIA’s Steering of Roaming solution (IPN) helps MNOs to optimize roaming costs via optimal steering of outbound roaming subscribers to preferred networks in desired visited countries.

Steering of Roaming solution with rich capabilities

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Key Benefits


Unique Architecture

IPN has been designed from day one to be flexible, scalable and Service Oriented. It provides an ultimate Steering of Roaming solution based on an unprecedented variety of steering methods, subscriber segments, core and access network technologies, device types and customer operational environment implementations.


Cloud and NFV Native

TOMIA addresses market needs with a full range of deployment options –installation of physical hardware on-site, SaaS model on cloud and the industry’s first future-proof and NFV-native infrastructure offering virtual Steering of Roaming.


Hybrid Steering Methods

IPN supports hybrid steering combining signalling and OTA steering for improved accuracy, enhanced user experience, reduced signalling traffic and comprehensive support of user equipment.



IntelliGate and IPN operate naturally in a multi-tenant mode. It’s designed to run multiple OpCos on the same, shared platform. As such, OpCos can operate in complete isolation, on a shared platform if required.


Cost Model

IPN’s cost model enables a new operating company to utilize the hardware platform, database and IntelliGate core modules already in use by an existing IPN operating company to reduce costs.



The IPN platform components are designed to offer a system scalable to the limits of the hardware platform supporting it.

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Virtual Home Environment

Enables roaming subscribers to complete calls and ensure that they benefit from the best user experience.



Helps operators to increase revenues from visitors on their network and reduce associated costs.


Campaign Management

Deliver personalized messaging for targeted roamers at the right time.

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