Marco LimenaChief Executive Officer


    Marco Limena has been at the leadership helm of TOMIA since 2016, translating our vision into executable plans and energizing the entire company. His expertise in working across and aligning multiple stakeholders has enabled TOMIA to attract top talent, develop global teams, and establish a collaborative environment that fosters results and continuous improvements. Previously Marco served as CEO of Telarix, propelling the company to organic growth and driving a successful merger with StarHome-Mach to create TOMIA. With more than two decades of experience in corporate leadership, Marco has executed strategies for growth and profitability in a variety of executive roles, including general manager, CEO, and board director in both public and private firms in telecom, mobility and cloud hosting industries. These include HP’s Network & Service Provider Solutions business globally; President and CEO of VoIP communications software provider Sylantro Systems; and Vice President in charge of driving growth of Microsoft’s B2B hosting and cloud services at a time of critical transformation for Microsoft to mobility and cloud. Marco holds a Masters degree in Electronic Engineering from Università degli Studi di Padova, and is also a graduate of the MIT Sloan School of Management.