The TOMIA Platform

The only fully-virtualized, multitenant and multiservice platform that automates wholesale services from negotiation through execution to settlement


The introduction of new technologies such as VoLTE, NB-IoT, LTE-M and 5G, along with the rapidly accelerating subscriber and enterprise segments, exponentially increases the potential for inefficiencies and losses for operators. Automation is needed to untangle the complexity of this ecosystem.

Monetize IoT Traffic

The growth in IoT roaming traffic is accelerating. In 2020 the importance of this traffic was highlighted dramatically by COVID-19.
Applying traditional roaming charges for this traffic is not profitable and results in revenue losses estimated at $7,5M annually.
IoT devices must be identified and segmented in order for operators to monetize this traffic.

Aligning Steering Targets

Traditionally discount agreements and steering policies are managed through separate systems with different sets of configuration and levels of granularity, which results in an average of $1.5M in commitment penalties or unnecessary costs.
Steering policies are often misaligned with commercial targets, whilst steering actions are usually reactive, rather than based on forecasting tools.

Misaligned Service Configurations

Misaligned configurations lead to incorrect business execution, which can result in an annual spending of $800K on redundant hardware and maintenance.
Multiple systems cause repetitive and redundant provisioning tasks, long onboarding processes and service activation. Decentralized monitoring and reports create additional inefficiency.

The Motivation

The increasingly complex wholesale ecosystem requires more efficient ways for operators to accelerate adoption of new business use cases while preserving quality standards.

Built for the Future

Automation facilitates fast roll out of global connectivity services and combines business decisions with customer experience.

Commercial Benefits

The platform deals with all types of wholesale and commercial agreements for the various customer segments, regardless of the underlying technology, such as VoLTE, NB-IoT  or 5G. The entire agreement management lifecycle is simplified through automation.

  • Manage all agreement types from a single application
  • Converge all business processes across Interconnect and Roaming
  • Decrease reconciliation discrepancies and reduce disputes
  • Improve cashflow efficiency
Technical Benefits

The platform serves operators of all sizes, including those with enterprise and MVNO business and groups. It also enables new use cases across usage and signaling and reduces errors by ensuring interoperability and alignment across multiple applications.

  • Faster service rollout
  • Open APIs will allow easy integration with 3rd party services
  • Centralized service provisioning with shared configuration
  • Centralized reference data and usage information

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TOMIA‘s multiservice and multitenant Platform is already live in a tier 1 Group and serves 20+ affiliates in different countries. It enables the organization to virtualize its roaming services, which decreases the Total Cost of Ownership by 40% and reduces manual errors. The platform simplifies activation of new services and automates scalability to adapt to traffic variations, meeting future needs as the network advances to 5G and future technologies. It also allows reselling roaming services to wholesale partners.

Smart Steering

Smart Steering

With the use of an automated forecast algorithm, user-defined adjustments, combined with the actual data figures, the service calculates optimal traffic distribution based on achievements of commitments, individual or group, for a single or combined services. The potential savings are presented to the user for review, and once recommendations are approved, they are executed in the steering application. Smart Steering yields potential savings of 4% of roaming costs annually.

IoT Monetization

IoT Monetization

IoT is a global business which differs significantly from consumer roaming behavior and usage patterns. This traffic stream has different requirements related to steering, coverage and QoS. Typically, devices consume little traffic and most of them are in a state of permanent roaming. As a result, operators need differentiated commercial strategies that can lead to new revenue streams. The step towards monetization is the ability to detect this traffic via device-based or ML algorithms combining usage and signalling data, and align these segments across applications such as the billing and steering of roaming.

TOMIA’s fully virtualized, multitenant and multiservice platform is live in a tier 1 group that serves 20+ affiliates worldwide