We create transformative communications solutions for today, tomorrow, and beyond

Bridging wholesale and inter-carrier connectivity with roaming and clearing

Formed from the merger of Starhome Mach and Telarix, industry experts in roaming and interconnect, our innovative offering enables customers to manage a unified optimization process of both roaming and interconnect while driving the future of connectivity through new technologies and services



TOMIA’s mission is to support the evolving needs of communications service providers around the world. The digital transformation that every business and every individual is endorsing is ultimately enabled by ubiquitous connectivity. The evolution of the networks, together with the increasing number of connected devices and data that are defining our digital age bring many complex challenges to our customers. We are driven to collaborate with our customers in defining the future of connectivity, beyond connections.


TOMIA’s strategy is to provide the industry’s leading operators and carriers with a unified view of the end to end connectivity process, margins, and customer journey. By monitoring the full scope of activities on a single platform, CSPs can better manage their wholesale targets and optimize agreements as well as identify fraud in real time, thereby decreasing overall costs and risk. Our suite of products and solutions is designed to help businesses like yours to prosper in the digital era and in whatever comes next.



Collaboration and Innovation are at our core. Our success is built on diverse strengths across different teams, functions, and geographies.

• Open collaboration
• Driving innovation
• Customer commitment
• Growth mindset
• Deliver results