Trading, Routing, Billing & Settlement (iXTools): Global Voice and Messaging Routing Platform

TOMIA’s iXTools platform is the leading interconnect voice and messaging rating and routing solution in the industry.

Meets the largest and most complex operator and carrier industry requirements.

Managing today’s globally distributed voice and messaging networks is complex and difficult. Operators of all sizes struggle to find the right balance of cost and quality critical to successful business operation while also providing the right experience for mobile, fixed, or roaming subscribers. TOMIA provides tools for commercial route optimization, technical routing and automated switch provisioning for networks of all sizes and is built on a variety of networks and infrastructure model.

Full Suite of Services and solutions

iXTools leads the industry in delivering the full suite of solutions necessary for today’s market needs. Operators utilize iXTools voice and messaging solutions to enable:

Smart Trading: Intercarrier contracts can be complicated and difficult to manage. When combined with our automated contract platform, TOMIA enables operators to ensure that you can negotiate and finalize contracts more efficiently.

Intelligent Routing: Quality and cost are impacted by how network calls are routed. TOMIA provides tools for commercial route optimization, technical routing and automated switch provisioning.

Comprehensive Rating: Buying and selling hubbing deals is a complex process. TOMIA provides the tools for cost forecasting, rate flexibility, price list management and more.

Billing & Settlement: Many carriers rely upon outdated billing and settlement solutions. TOMIA has a fully integrated audit, billing and dispute management system to better manage today’s complexity and new services.

Fraud & Analytics: Carriers can gain an advanced view into their business by transforming raw data, in real-time, into actionable intelligence. The TOMIA analytics portfolio provides customers with the tools to analyze and visualize critical data instantly.

Key Benefits



TOMIA’s iXTools platform successfully enables operators with even the greatest complexity to manage the complexities of the global voice ecosystem. iXTools enables operators of all sizes to execute their unique business strategies to generate revenue, save cost, and deliver customer value.



iXTools is deployable in whatever model best matches the needs of your business. Whether that model involves public clouds, private clouds, or other environments, iXTools solutions are globally available and extensible to the most complex business needs.


Single, Integrated Platform

Manage your voice and messaging business from end to end with full transparency. When combined with TOMIA’s iXLink platform, operators have the power to provide the speed and scalability to address upcoming global business connectivity challenges through automated decision making and routing.



Manage the added challenges brought on by today’s complex business environment with automation. TOMIA provides end-to-end automation so carriers have the agility to reduce costs, improve efficiencies, and decrease time-to-settlement.



When using TOMIA’s single, integrated platform, operators have been able to:

  • Improve accounts receivables through lower dispute resolution
  • Decrease costs through increased competitive pricing


iXTools brings efficiency to communication service providers, mobile operators and operator business models through automation of their full business process. When utilized with TOMIA’s iXLink platform, operators have shown an ability to significantly reduce costs compared to other platforms.

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