Virtual Home Environment

TOMIA’s VHE services enable operators to complete roaming calls and ensure that their subscribers benefit from the best user experience while roaming.

Provide subscribers with home-like experience

The VHE service is designed to overcome the complexity and obstacles roamers face when dialing from abroad. Either because they don’t know how or because it is not as simple as at home. The short codes that subscribers are accustomed to while at home are suddenly unavailable, subscribers can’t access value added services (e.g. voice mail), or they are often unfamiliar with the visited network dialing procedures and local language.

TOMIA’s Virtual Home Environment (VHE) service overcomes international dialing difficulties by automatically correcting or completing misdialed numbers. In addition, it uses a global short code database and feature-rich translation method that allows subscribers to continue using their familiar home-based short codes to access VAS while roaming in foreign networks. VHE has a rich user interface that allows seamless call completion and post-dialing SMS notification or a combination of the above.

Intelligent Call Assistant provides a call completion solution using a comprehensive global database of numbering plans (mobile and PSTN) and special algorithms. Operators are therefore able to complete more calls for inbound roamers visiting on their network and for outbound roamers. By dramatically increasing the number of completed calls through their network, and at the same time improving customer satisfaction, roaming revenues are significantly increased.

Assuring seamless connectivity

As VoLTE technology is spreading rapidly and voice is being transferred as data packets, operators need a seamless call correction service to support the new scenarios; Outbound subscribers will struggle to complete local calls in the visited country when they are missing an international access code and/or a country code, and local short codes as well as toll-free numbers are expected to fail.

In order to protect operators’ revenue stream and to ensure a transparent user experience for both VoLTE and non-VoLTE roamers, TOMIA offers its real-time VoLTE call correction services supporting both call correction as well as local call completion services to the outbound roamers when abroad.

Through its vast experience and research, TOMIA has collected data on a wide range of dialing error patterns and developed approaches to correct misdialed calls using an extensive knowledge-base (including world-wide numbering plans, dialing formats, short codes, common behavior analysis, etc.) which is updated continuously. With CAMEL, INAP and SIP connectivity supported for both Inbound and Outbound roamers, subscribers can expect similar user experience when dialing abroad.

Key Benefits


Seamless call correction services in real time

VHE allows seamless call completion and post-dialing SMS notification in real time using a rich database, smart algorithms and intelligent decision-making mechanism for enhanced user experience and revenue growth.


Smart user interface for service configurations

Rich user interface that allows service provisioning and configuration of the entire service as well as for segmented networks, countries, and communities.


Service availability for different sectors

Compatible for INAP, CAMEL and SIP traffic and fully supports inbound and outbound roaming, prepaid and postpaid mechanism. In addition, the service can be easily deployed on NFV platforms, VMs, cloud or physical hardware.


Complementary services

VHE comprises the Home Short Code™ (HSC) for short codes and toll-free numbers completion, Global Direct Access (GDA) for easy and safe value-added services access, Intelligent Call Assistant® (ICA) for misdialed call correction, and VoLTE VHE for local call completion and seamless migration.


VoLTE ready

The feature provides the ability to handle SIP packets, analyze them and apply the relevant corrections to the integrated VoLTE traffic. It offers call completion for local numbers dialed in a national format, local short codes, toll-free numbers and even emergency calls support for outbound roamers.


Reports and dashboards

The service provides business as well as a near real-time operational dashboard to monitor service parameters. In addition, the service offers various reports with traffic’s aggregated data, including network, country, dialing-error types and technology-based segmentation.

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