Vista Equity Partners and TOMIA

Vista’s Support Ensures Stability and a Platform for Growth

Vista Equity Partners acquired Telarix in January 2016 and Starhome Mach in November 2018. The two software providers, industry experts in roaming and interconnect, were merged and rebranded as TOMIA in February 2019. TOMIA’s innovative offering enables customers to manage a unified optimization process of both roaming and interconnect while driving the future of connectivity through new technologies and services.


Vista Equity Partners and TOMIA

At the time of the merger, TOMIA’s CEO said: “With this combination, Telarix and Starhome Mach will serve telecommunication carriers and service providers around the globe, playing a critical role in optimizing and enabling the efficient operations of global communications solutions for the retail, wholesale and interconnect markets. As a single company, we will be able to provide more powerful, integrated and comprehensive solutions to enable a wide-range of carriers to successfully participate, compete, and partner within the global telecom ecosystem.”

As a leading global investment firm, Vista’s mission is to empower companies to drive positive change, innovation and growth in the markets and communities they serve.

About Vista Equity Partners

Technology investment firm Vista Equity Partners is an industry leader among companies working in the enterprise software, data and technology-enabled space. Utilizing the leadership and experience of Vista, the firm has delivered on commitments to investors for over two decades. Vista delivers a differentiated and disciplined approach to software investing, applying its market expertise across private equity, permanent capital, credit and public equity investment strategies.

Vista was founded in 2000 by Robert F. Smith, who is the firm’s Chairman and CEO. The firm dedicates resources to community betterment throughout the country, which includes support for increasing access to education for marginalized individuals. Vista has several long-term philanthropic partnerships with organizations that advocate for women in the workforce, help minority students find meaningful internships, and provide funding for the performing arts. The firm also believes in the transformational power of technology and seeks to support companies and their technology to create opportunities for all people and our planet.

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