VoLTE Roaming

Reduce VoLTE Roaming Risk

As VoLTE becomes more widespread, protecting roaming revenues, retaining subscribers, and complying with regulations is increasingly challenging for mobile operators. TOMIA‘s VoLTE Roaming solutions offer operators a complete end-to-end platform to take them through the journey of detection, agreement negotiation, network management, and settlement. Monetize the VoLTE opportunity and ensure subscriber Quality of Experience!

Mitigate technology gaps

Operators are exposed to new risks in VoLTE Roaming:

When roaming on VoLTE-only networks, a non-VoLTE WSMS service will not detect the update location indication, and a message will not be triggered.

In addition, many calls to local destinations, and calls to toll-free numbers as well as local shortcodes, made by VoLTE roamers will fail. The result is poor user experience for the roamer and loss of revenues for the operator.

TOMIA’s solution resolves these issues with VoLTE Campaign Management and Local Call Completion services.


Enhance user experience, and maximize revenues

There are real risks of margin erosion for operators and loss of advanced VoLTE services for roamers when steering is not optimal. Subscribers may be steered to non-preferred or non-supported VoLTE networks. This impacts the user experience and increases payments to the visited networks.

TOMIA’s VoLTE Steering of Roaming service prevents these risks with automatic detection of VoLTE enabled devices, roaming agreements, and limited coverage areas  by applying a steering policy for preferred VoLTE networks.

Monetize the VoLTE roaming opportunity and optimize subscriber experience