VoLTE is entering everyone’s life slowly but surely. While VoLTE Roaming is here and alive, it is still lagging. Various hurdles and setbacks are slowing the adoption of VoLTE roaming. However, with the 2G and 3G sunset getting closer in many operators, VoLTE roaming goes from being a “Nice-to-have” service to a “Must-have”. VoLTE Roaming presents new challenges for roaming departments; from handset compatibility, local call handling in an S8HR scenario and preferred network assurance. Starting with the ability to steer VoLTE subscribers in a VoLTE visited network, through handling locally dialed numbers by the home network as well as fraud protection for VoLTE calls, TOMIA’s variety of VoLTE supported products are here to help roaming departments meet the VoLTE Roaming challenges.

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