VoLTE Steering

Automate VoLTE detection and steering

Monetizing the VoLTE opportunity is not an easy task. The challenge is to figure out the best way to steer roaming customers to the desired network, so they can receive the quality of service they expect from a VoLTE network, while you maintain profitability.

Deliver a global VoLTE experience

When VoLTE subscribers roam internationally or even within their own countries, their voice calls will most likely use a local 3G network, rather than a local 4G LTE network. This is not the best outcome for either operators or their customers. The best solution is for customers to experience VoLTE service when travelling, just like they do at home.


Feel at home with VoLTE roaming

TOMIA’s sophisticated identification algorithms automatically determine in real-time, whether the roamer is a VoLTE customer, the roamer’s device type, the roamer’s location, and whether there is a VoLTE network option and a relevant agreement in place. Then seamlessly and automatically TOMIA steers the customer to the best VoLTE network in terms of quality of service and profitability.

Optimize the VoLTE experience and monetize every roaming connection

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